17 Apr 2008

Brand executive named M. Demajo 'Employee of the Year'

M. Demajo Group has named its Employee of the Year for outstanding success, achievement, loyalty and dedication.

This year's winner is Silvio Carabott, a manager at M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd. Although a relative newcomer to the group, having joined only three years ago, Mr Carabott has quickly established himself as a key player within the company. Out on the field, he has proved to be an ideal ambassador for the company and the group, always projecting a positive and extremely professional image of himself, his employers and colleagues.

He has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of the Illy coffee brand in Malta, and through his hard-earned wine expertise has contributed to the expansion of the company's wine sales.

His expertise in wines, with the formal qualifications he has obtained, and continues to study for, have earned him recognition and respect from both colleagues and clients. It is therefore no coincidence that he was recently appointed as the company's wines manager to be the face of M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd in this most demanding of sectors.

Always willing to help and with a constant smile on his face, Mr Carabott is an outstanding example of an M. Demajo Group employee who goes that extra mile. He was presented with the award during the annual Christmas staff lunch at The Grand Hotel Excelsior in Floriana. The lunch was followed by drinks at Q Bar on the Valletta Waterfront.