27 Dec 2007

�The Malta Experience - Cultural Heritage Sponsorship� has recently been presented to Heritage Malta which is the national agency entrusted with the conservation and preservation of much of the islands� historic sites.

Through this significant long-term financial initiative, the organisation shall directly contribute towards the agency�s various conservation plans. In view of this sponsorship, The Malta Experience shall now be awarded the title of �Corporate Patron� within this national agency.

The collaboration extends to include various reciprocal marketing initiatives focusing on added benefits for the visiting public in areas relating to advertising and sales promotion activities.

During a brief presentation, Mr. Miceli Demajo made reference to the company�s long established social responsibility programme which has assisted various institutions involved in the preservation and conservation of national historical sites over the years.

In response, the Chairman of Heritage Malta thanked Mr Miceli Demajo for his support. He expressed his appreciation of such a gesture of corporate social responsibility, emphasising the outstanding importance of cultural heritage for the credibility of the country and for the promotion of tourism, especially cultural tourism.

Seen in the photograph (from left) Dr. Mario Tabone (Chairman � Heritage Malta) and Mr. Norbert Miceli Demajo (Managing Director � The Malta Experience)