3 Feb 2010

The M. Demajo Group recently presented its 2009 Extra Mile Award at the Christmas Dinner for the Group’s 400 plus employees at the Westin Dragonara.   This annual award goes to the Group employee selected from nominees proposed by management and peers.  These nominations recognize the special achievement of individuals who do not merely excel at their job but are consistently willing to go the “extra mile” to ensure superior achievement. 

The Group’s Chairman, Mr. J.M. Demajo, presented the award to Mr. Paul Grech in recognition for his professionalism, dedication, courtesy, team spirit and commitment to the ideals of the Group.   Mr. Grech is 34 years old and works as Logistics Assistant Manager in the Group’s centralized logistics services department.  He had joined the Group in 1992 as an Administrative Assistant with one of the Group’s subsidiary companies, Computer Solutions Ltd, and has held several posts before rising to his present level. 

Mr. Grech exemplifies the career prospects available within the M. Demajo Group.  The Group operates a strong policy of staff empowerment and training that includes a significant number of employees who work towards higher professional qualifications.     Any employee, at any level can, if s/he has the will and competence, rise to the highest levels.  The M. Demajo Group is one of the most highly diversified business entities in Malta.  It is owned by the Demajo family and the Group celebrates its first centenary this year. The Group has elected a number of non-family directors from its top management ranks thus removing even the ultimate career barrier that still prevails in most family businesses. 

The 2009 Extra Mile Award recognizes achievement during a difficult year where business conditions demand extra commitment and competence.    The basic policy of the M. Demajo Group is to create and foster these attributes and to create and strengthen the conditions for team work and synergy.  In recognizing these qualities within its human resources, the Group is confirming that its policy and its application are successful.     Given its successful track record over its long history, the M. Demajo Group fully intends to continue maintaining its core values that have stood the test of time and that have enabled the Group’s spectacular and sustained growth.