19 Aug 2009

Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd, a subsidiary of the M. Demajo Group, has recently launched a new eco friendly product on the local market. The Pharox Lemnis LED Light, is a highly efficient LED bulb, that is rewarding for your wallet and our planet. The Pharox bulb sheds a warm white light, ideal for use in home, commercial, retail or hospitality areas. Given its high levels of energy efficiency, the Pharox bulb is best suited for places that require many hours of lighting. The Pharox LED bulb will undergo a marketing campaign set to target the individual consumer as well as corporations of various sizes. For more information and to place your orders, please visit: www.ecolight.com.mt. Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd has been at the forefront of the energy segment in Malta for several years, and is keen to explore innovative solutions within the sustainable energy market, for the benefit of the environment, as well as from a cost savings point of view.