13 Oct 2009

M. Demajo & Co. Ltd. in collaboration with Illy coffee held a morning seminar on the art of making the perfect Espresso.  The seminar was carried out by Mr Michele Dellavalle, Quality Manager – Illy (Italy).  Mr Silvio Carabott from M. Demajo & Co Ltd addressed the audience and invited Mr Michele Dellavalle to the floor.  Mr Dellavalle kick started the seminar by explaining the difference between various types of coffee.  He then gave a verbal description of the perfect espresso using Illy coffee.  That was followed by a technical presentation of the transformation of coffee.  Towards the end of the seminar, Mr Dellavalle gave a physical demonstration of the making of the perfect Illy espresso coffee.  Members of the audience were invited to try their hand at making the perfect Illy espresso coffee.  The event was well attended by students from the Institute of Tourism Studies and members from the catering industry.  M. Demajo & Co Ltd is a member of the M. Demajo Group.  For further information visit www.mdemajoco.com