23 Jan 2012

As part of the Group's efforts in sustained Corporate Social Responsibility, through the well established That's Us Welfare Fund, the Group donated over 2000 Euros to the Equal Partners Foundation, during their annual Christmas drinks at Demajo House. The cheque was presented by the Group Chairman Anthony Miceli Demajo, in the presence of Demajo directors, and employees, as well as the Honourable Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi and Mrs Gonzi.

Equal Partners Foundation is a parent-run, non-profit foundation providing individualized support programmes to over 250 children and adults with disabilities and/or learning difficulties and their families. All the support services are delivered in the community i.e. in homes, schools, places of work, places of recreation and other places where the individual would require support. The central goal of Equal Partners is to give people with a disability an independent and meaningful life in an inclusive society.