2 Nov 2015
Tempsinmalta Featured in the Malta Business Review Magazine

Tempsinmalta has been featured in the Malta Business Review magazine. The full article can be found below.


Contract Staffing All Day Any Day


Businesses are so volatile and fragile. Today they need a particular kind of resource and tomorrow they need another. The essence of managing these resources in a variable manner, is of prime interest and importance to a company. Whilst its core human resources will be on a permanent basis, much of its ‘other staff’ need not be. The fundamental aim of a contract agency is to utilise the flexibility and availability of personnel, who have arisen from their own personal set of circumstances, to create win-win situations for all parties at hand.

In one instance a marketing social media person is required to develop and lead a project, whilst in the other a consultant may need to be brought in on a particular job or for a particular period of time. The increase in staff that is demanded due to seasonality in some businesses is also a case in point. Extra staff at Christmas time, additional hands for admin backlog, staffing for particular events as well as covering an extended absence or maternity coverage, are all cases in point.

Tempsinmalta is Malta’s pioneering contract agency, better known for temp jobs, or definite contracts across varying periods of time. A boutique business model, based on efficiency, effectiveness and a personality charm that appeals to both candidates and clients alike. We have a proactive business approach in assisting our clients find proper strategic solutions for their variable human resources. We act as a filler, in certain cases provide ‘on demand’ temping with very short lead time, but most of all we work together with our clients to foresee visible gaps in their staffing, where we come in and put their mind at rest.

People that enjoy temping are not just young adults who still haven’t found their place within their chosen industry. You would be surprised to learn about the different reasons people choose to temp for. Some have limited free time on their hands, others are young mothers who want to pursue their corporate goals within their available time, others are more senior looking to consult and use their years of experience… The reasons are many. Many are foreigners looking to settle in Malta, others are people who like to work in different industries and environments and gain experience as they move along, whereas recent graduates may find temping a great option for their first exposure into the professional workplace trying out different types of industries to see which they like best. We have all ages, all characters, all range of skills. From ex CEO’s, to financial controllers, to sales personnel, to secretarial staff. From corporate to technical, the list of profiles is indeed endless.

This is why our database of people interested in contract work, has grown dramatically within the short time we have been operational. Often enough, if temps play their cards right, the temp gig can parlay into a permanent, full-time position. Contract placements and temping has long been in vogue overseas. It has taken its time to reach our shores, but the mind-set is now far more open and accepting. The realisation that all employees irrespective of their contract period, have equal pro rata rights, has enabled us to offer positions to candidates at the right price, for a period of time suitable for both. Temping across the skills is an invaluable breakthrough in the business environment. Not only does it offer peace of mind and custom made solutions to businesses to suit their personnel requirements but it also provides lifelong experiences, immediate satisfaction and financial gain to those willing to try it, all based around a work/life balance concept that is so integral to a healthy frame of mind.


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Rachel Balzan Demajo

General Manager