17 Apr 2008

Karen Borg, an ex employee of M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd. approached the Group to assist her in collecting funds in aid of the Rett Sydrome Association UK. Karen's daughter, Theresa, is one out of four children in Malta known to have the Rett Syndrome. This Syndrome is a complex neurological disorder which occurs mainly in females and which affects them throughout their lives.
These girls are profoundly physically and learning disabled and totally dependent on others for all their needs. In February the association were pleased to announce that “ scientists led by Adrian Bird of the University of Edinburg—Scotland— searching for a way to treat the rare but severe childhood neurological disorder Rett Syndrome, have reserved the disease in mice raising hopes for doing the same in people”
This research was partly funded by Rett Syndrome UK together with other charities.  As you may realize much more research will have to be done in order to develop treatment which is effective and safe for humans, including working with animals whose brain is more similar to the human brain.  Therefore further funding is required. All funds collected by us were directed to the Rett Syndrome Association UK via Karen Borg