22 Jun 2009

The Permanent Secretary for Tourism Dr. Mario De Marco accompanied by MTA’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Josef Formosa Gauci and other tourism officials recently paid a courtesy visit to view ‘The Malta Experience’ heritage show.
The event kicked off by presenting an outline introduction of the company’s profile across three distinct criteria – the product’s origin, product development and promotion initiatives. The healthy co-operation that exists between ‘The Malta Experience’ and the ‘Malta Tourism Authority’ in promoting the islands’ unique selling proposition were renewed.
The visit served to acknowledge the company’s successful development throughout its 29th year in the making and its promotional value (at a national level), to the thousands of visitors over the years. This latest production, the company’s 5th edition, introduces the sea as the main theme linking the island’s history.
The audio-visual spectacular is an excellent reproduction relating the island’s history spanning 7,000 years of varied civilisations, defeats and triumphs leading to EU accession. The attraction uses a panoramic (10 meter) screen to project sensational images of Malta with re-enacted motion clips interspersed throughout the show, now possible by the use of digital technology.

“This latest version is also an opportunity for the local population to visit the attraction, be they newcomers or repeat visitors, to relive our most impressive past” commented Mr. Mercieca during his brief introduction.