30 Oct 2009

Pedigree Toyshops is Malta's largest and most popular toy store in the Maltese Islands. Thrity years in the making has given Pedigree Toyshops the goodwill and brand name it has today. Pedigree Toyshops, is synonomous with quality toys and games, especially those of a more eductaional nature. We have partnered up with international agencies to bring some of the more classic names to Malta such as Burago and Scalectrix, toys which many of us grew up with and today still retain their charm, with children and adults alike. Our expertise has been in the development of a chain of shops, all strategically located in popular shopping complexes, thereby favouring the idea that Pedigree Toyshops is easily accessible for your family needs. We pride ourselves on an extensive selection of the latest fads and trends, that gain popularity through the media, hence become highly in demand. We also pride ourselves on quality and innovation. It has been a strategic intention of this company to purchase quality products made by reliable suppliers that meet all pre-set standards and criteria. Our childrens safety is paramount. Over the past years, a strong branding emphasis was placed on the company, and today Pedigree Toyshops, all meet a certain asethical standard in the way they look and the atmosphere that they give off. With its strap line “Enter our World” and signature colors and furnishings, Pedigree Toyshops is eye catchy and fun, drawing in a long established clientele, through its varying generations, as well as new customers and new parents.

Today Pedigree Toyshops is currently present in Baystreet Shopping Complex St Georges Bay, Mainstreet Shopping Complex Paola and Valletta Waterfront. Our newly launched Pedigree Kids is today available at The Plaza Shopping Complex in Sliema, where is also features a new international franchise Premaman, specializing in maternity wear, kids clothes and accessories. Recently we opened our first franchise outlet at Duke's Shopping Complex Gozo. It is an important milestone for Pedigree Toyshops, to enjoy the fruit of its long years of investment. The Pedigree Toyshops brand, has built such an importat equity in Malta, that today it is looking for partners to expand the name, through their own capacity and management.

It is for this reason that M. Demajo (Toyshops) Ltd is today proud to present its franchising opportunities. Enjoy the benefits of a popular locally branded toy shop, whilst also benefiting from experienced purchases as well as a consistent communications campaign. Exclusivity on location is also included. Contact us to find out more.