8 Aug 2011

The Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, Culture and the Environment was touring the Valletta Waterfront on the invitation of the Board of Directors representing Valletta Cruise Port recently. Dr. De Marco made a brief stop outside at the gracious baroque chapel located on the waterfront which is annexed to the Pinto and Forni vaults. The audio-visual show is currently screened in the ‘Sagrestia Vault’ leading from the chapel. ‘History Highlights’ is an abridged version of the very popular ‘The Malta Experience’ audio-visual heritage attraction which successfully pioneered the cultural recreation industry over 30 years ago. The 16 minute presentation is aimed specifically for the benefit of time conscious visitors to gain a quick and concise understanding of our islands’ rich history and cruise line passengers are among the ideal segments, commented Martin Mercieca representing the M. Demajo Group subsidiary. The product is marketed as an ideal start before venturing out of the Grand Harbour area. The attraction is being successfully packaged with open-top buses and customer feedback is very positive by this proposed mix.