11 Jan 2011

Adhering to  the Packaging Waste Directive at Multi Packaging Ltd. and Packprint Ltd., brought about two options: either set up their own system to collect and recycle the packaging waste that is generated, or transfer their obligations to an authorised recovery scheme that would collect and recycle packaging material on their behalf.  Committed towards the environment, the companies implemented behavioural change strategy and the results obtained were very encouraging. They even made a dramatic change in waste management and practices. Finally they developed and operated a waste collection scheme (paper & cardboard) that helped to exercise their responsibilities.  To this end they offered customers the opportunity to send their corrugated packaging waste to their premises. Packaging waste had to be free from oil or other substances and had to be securely stacked on wooden pallets and shrink wrapped to avoid any incidents while being handled. This service was offered FREE OF CHARGE and the amount of packaging waste sent to Multi Packaging is always acknowledged and on a quarterly basis a certificate to prove that the packaging waste has been sent for recycle is issued. Today Multi Packaging Ltd. and Packprint Ltd. are proud to announce that thanks to their involvement and commitment not only did they divert all  paper waste from the land filling, which was the main disposal route, but are also meeting and even exceeding their legal obligations. In fact from 2007 until last year they exported 4273 tonnes of paper waste for recycling.  Such figures and practices are very encouraging and display environmental commitments, whilst being in line with the overall Corporate Social Responsibility program of the M. Demajo Group.