23 May 2016

Ozone Infinity is designed to offer business grade WiFi to users.

With over a decade of experience and thousands of installations that have stayed with Ozone Ltd since the beginning, the company today provides great coverage throughout the Maltese Islands. The company’s Access Points are managed and monitored by their 24/7 cloud-hosted network management.

Ozone Ltd aim to provide fast and reliable WiFi with a superior user experience. Ozone Infinity’s new network reduces the amount of equipment deployed by 75 per cent. Their powerful Network allows high-speed 802.11ac operation. The new feature places Ozone Infinity as the best solution in the industry.

This new platform has been welcomed by both public and private businesses that need to ensure that access to the Internet is an important criteria for all their clients, employees and customers.

For more information, kindly visit www.ozoneinfinity.com.


Ozone Business Team

Ozone Ltd