22 Jun 2016
Ozone Appoints New General Manager – Christian Ransley

Christian has worked in the IT industry for the past 19 years in both technical and managerial roles.

In 1997, whilst reading for his degree in Business and Computing (graduated in 2001), Christian founded Fastnet Ltd, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company, in which, apart from being Managing Director he handled all technical aspects of the business. 

In 2002 he sold the business to Keyworld Ltd and was employed by the same company with the designation of Technical Manager. In this role he was responsible for all technical aspects of the business which varied from internet access services (dial-up & ADSL), to other internet related services (hosting, email, fax-to-email), software development and later, in 2003 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services (Calling Cards, VoIP telephony, Virtual PBX solutions).

In 2004 he was promoted to General Manager of Keyworld Ltd where he remained until, in September of 2006, he joined Solutions & Infrastructure Services Ltd (SIS) in the role of Chief Operating Officer for Information & Communication Technology.

SIS was a joint venture between Midi plc and Siemens spa. Working in a joint venture with Siemens (Italy) allowed Christian to work in a multi-cultural environment and to deal with customers from several countries, including Italy, France, Greece, Libya and the United Kingdom.

Working in telecommunications, a highly competitive and innovative sector, it has been of utmost importance to keep to the forefront of technology. In his role at SIS, he setup the island’s first Carrier Neutral Datacentre as well as the first Carrier Grade VoIP telco operation in Malta offering secure and encrypted telephony and data services never before possible.

In his career, Christian has handled infrastructural projects from small multi-site retail businesses to large scale infrastructural and data projects. He has overseen the creation of the IT infrastructure for the Tignè Point geographical area that included technologies such as fibre, microwave, Wi-Fi and free space optics, and also the laying of a submarine fibre cable across the bay and the creation of wireless broadband infrastructure over several geographical areas. He has commissioned datacentres and data rooms both for the companies he has worked for in the past, as well as for their customers. He has installed and commissioned infrastructures for third parties such as The Point shopping mall, the Courts of Malta, the Gozo Hospital, Ggantija Temples and St. Paul’s Catacombs covering services for data, VoIP, Wi-Fi, CCTV and access control.

Chris has now joined Ozone as General Manager to strengthen Ozone’s position in the enterprise market and expand further into managed data solutions, IP services and other potential areas of growth.


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