12 Mar 2013

Yet again Newtech has partnered with Microsoft in the investment of the Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC).  The MIC was launched on Friday 22nd Feb with the Honourable Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, the Microsoft Multi Country General Manager, Takuya Hirano and the Microsoft Malta General Manager, Adrianna Zammit. This is another step showing the strong business relationship Microsoft has with its leading local distributor, Newtech.

Microsoft already has 110 centres in 40 countries. The Malta facility would help students and business start-ups develop their ideas and make them successful. Creativity could turn ideas into jobs and prosperity, ensuring the island’s competitiveness.

Located at Skyparks Business Centre, in Luqa, the MIC will provide access to world-class resources for software developers, IT professionals, University students, academic faculties, entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

It offers specialised training, technology-related business skills and soft skills, proto-typing opportunities, technical support and logistics to create prototypes apart from holding workshops.

Takuya Hirano, Microsoft’s general manager for Central and Eastern Europe, said the centre was a special place to be in if one happened to have a great idea, had a budding entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to be guided by those who had already treaded the same path and reached a high level of success.

“The potential of these MIC‘s is backed by a very positive track record. Over the past three years, they have reached over 1.1 million students and ICT professionals and created more than 3,000 new jobs in the past 12 months,” Mr Hirano said.

Ms Zammit described the MIC as the realisation of another dream by Microsoft in Malta and a tangible project by Microsoft and its partner to support Malta’s drive towards establishing itself as an IT force and to further encourage the thriving entrepreneurial spirit among youths.

Newtech is proud to be part of this facility that will be providing access to world-class resources for software developers, IT professionals, university students, academic faculties’ entrepreneurs and start-ups.