30 Mar 2016

At the new Frank Salt offices, Newtech Ltd, together with M. Demajo Timbers Ltd, installed 2400 sq. meters of commercial raised flooring.

The flooring consists of aluminium backing to further improve mechanical characteristics and increase thermal hygrometric stability, high density wooden chipboard core, finished off with a grès porcelain tile.

The TR Pedestal Structure which is made from galvanized steel supports are available in different heights from 30 cm up to 150 cm, and beyond. Together, they make a 60x60 cm support grid for the panels and they increase the mechanical resistance and stability of the floor. The support heads and steel frames are designed to be fastened to each other anywhere along the perimeter to enable support at higher distances and to have more freedom in installing any data centre system in the under floor plenum.

The glazed grès access floor matches the modernity of the building through clear but not monotonous lines. The application of the latest control technologies shows the complete Schneider Electric offer for smart buildings.


Lara Miceli Demajo

Marketing Consultant

Newtech Ltd