12 Dec 2011

Early December saw the launch of the brand new NewTech Device Repair Agency on the Birkirkara Bypass. The Centre is specifically geared towards repairing a variety of smart phones, including the world’s top brands, as well as offering a huge variety of other technology-related services. “We know that, these days, the world revolves around technology,” says NewTech Business Development Manager, Jonathan Said, while explaining that the centre is targeted towards repairing smart phones – a vital, modern commodity that most people cannot be without today. 

“Until a while ago, repairs of this sort weren’t worth the investment, as it made sense to just replace the item in question. Today, though, with these phones costing upwards of €300, throwing them away makes no sense. Repairing them, on the other hand, will save money and make them last far longer.”

Formed in December 1993, NewTech Ltd is now a leading local software and hardware distributor. It specialises in the marketing and distribution of a vast range of business, education, home and high-end software products, and is the authorised Maltese distributor for numerous global software and hardware manufacturers.

“Our core mission is to sustain the local market by providing a highly-efficient service,” Mr Said goes on to explain. “We also aim to offer a varied, premium product line to local end users through a selection of comprehensive software solutions, as well as an efficient network of partners and resellers.”

The Centre’s staff have been highly-trained and will do whatever it takes to fix each item, as well as offer a three-month guarantee on its repair, whether that item is within the guarantee period or not.

“It will also be good news to some that even liquid-damaged phones can usually be fixed, and accompanied by a 14-day guarantee,” explains Mr Said. “Additionally, we will provide the client with a replacement phone that can be used while their handset is being fixed.”

Among the other services on offer, the NewTech centre will also be an authorised provider for HTC, will repair mobile phone accessories, phone-related innovations and gadgetry, and will rent out mobile phones and GPS equipment.

"We’re a one-stop shop on all sorts of issues related to technology, and combine the very best equipment with excellent service and the desire to get the job done properly,” Mr Said adds.

So, whether you’re browsing for accessories, transferring vital data or getting your phone back in perfect working order, NewTech has quickly secured its reputation for solving all sorts of technology-related matters.

The NewTech Service Centre is also an exclusive Melita Point, offering all pre-paid and post-paid services, including TV, phone, mobile and internet. It also accepts bill payments and offers discounts when a contract is being signed.

NewTech Service Centre, B’kara Bypass; Tel: 21480221; e: sales@newtechmalta.com. Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm, and 3pm – 7pm; Saturday 9am – 1pm.