16 Oct 2015
Newtech Attends Microsoft CEE Retail Growth Summit

Last month the most successful retailers created seamless multichannel experiences that are both personalized to individual customers and flexible enough to keep up with their constantly changing expectations.

But agile, dynamic and integrated technology isn't free – so what's the secret to balancing the need to create these experiences with the need to control costs?

Microsoft recognizes these challenges;
we're a retailer and consumer goods company as well as a solution and technology provider. And while we benefit from our own tech and experience, we can also draw on the expertise of our solution partners.

All of which was share
d with you at our 2015 Retail Summit held in Prague. ‘

Focus was placed on sharing ideas among attendees so you could hear first-hand how others are using tech to add value for customers. We heard from key Microsoft visionaries, and got the opportunity to discuss how our peers are using tech to:


Lara Miceli Demajo

Marketing Manager

Newtech Ltd