13 Apr 2015

Exigy has been appointed to deliver a Quality Management Solution at Multigas, a leading local organisation that provides a complete range of atmospheric and special gases. Operating mainly within the industrial and healthcare segments, Multigas aims at being a supplier of choice, and is thus committed to ensure constant adherence to international quality standards.

The primary objective of the solution is to provide Multigas with an effective collaboration platform where employees can organise and share their quality procedure documents. Based on Microsoft Office365 technology, the solution will simplify file storage and promote file sharing. Besides promoting the collaborative aspects within the organisation, Microsoft Office365 technology ensures that files are stored securely and are accessible anytime, from anywhere, by authorised users.

Having implemented numerous enterprise collaboration projects over the past 12 years, Exigy boasts the highest level of competence and experience with Microsoft technology. In fact, Exigy holds a Microsoft Gold Partner status in Collaboration and Content Solutions.

The Quality Management Solution will enable Multigas to move away from their current manual system and streamline document management within a permission-based environment. Specifically, the solution will enable the company to have a quality review process in place to consistently meet the quality levels required by international standards within the field of medicinal gases.

“Based on Microsoft Office365, the solution that Exigy is implementing at Multigas will provide a secure mechanism that connects all aspects of the business within a single platform”, explains Francois Grech, Executive Director at Exigy.

The solution will also feature a review and approval workflow, introducing an automated approval mechanism for any new quality procedures created. To further support standardisation, a quality document template will be created, allowing users to create new quality procedures based on a company standardised template.

“The solution Exigy proposed will help us safeguard our commitment to international quality standards, which is a core aspect of our business operations”, says Ing. Michael Mifsud, CEO at Multigas, “Once the system is in place, it will become a dynamic platform where our employees can create active sites with highly structured information for easier dissemination with colleagues, partners and customers. This will dramatically improve document management and enable higher levels of knowledge within the organisation.”


Analise Buttigieg

Marketing Executive