27 Dec 2010

On the 16th of December, the European Commission has released a summary of the 9th e-Government Benchmarking Report which measures public sector performance in the deployment of e-Government in 32 countries, namely the 27 EU member states together with Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.  The report measures six core indicators and, through a ranking system, shows the best performing countries that have implemented the most mature eGovernment services.  This year’s report has re-established Malta as the European leader in e-Government, achieving a score of 100% in five of the six core indicators.

Of relevance to the eGovernment solution provided by Exigy are three of these key indicators.  The first core indicator ‘Online Services Sophistication’, measures the extent to which eGovernment services allow for interaction and/or transaction between Government and citizens or businesses, of which Exigy delivered the core eGovernment framework, the eID for citizens and organisations and the eServices infrastructure.  Within this first indicator, Malta has achieved a 100% success rate, rating first together with Ireland and Austria. 

Malta has also rated first with a maximum score with respect to another two core indicators that have a direct reference to the solution provided by Exigy, namely ‘User Experience for National Portals’ that measures national portals in terms of usability, user-centric design and service bundling, and ‘User Experience for eServices’ that measures the level by which eServices are easy to use.

The other two indicators in respect of which Malta scored 100% are: ‘Full Online Availability’ that measures the availability of the 20 key public services and the degree of service level offered by these services, as well as ‘eProcurement Visibility Benchmark’ that is a measurement on how straightforward it is for potential suppliers to find information on tenders issued by contracting authorities.