27 Apr 2010

Malta’s presence in the forthcoming World Expo to be held in Shanghai is well underway and entering the final construction phase following over 12 months of planning, co-ordination and preparation, commented Oliver Xuereb Deputy Commissioner General of the Malta Pavilion. Among the key identifiable characteristics promoting the country from a business and tourism perspective is without a doubt our heritage rightly considered among the islands’ unique selling propositions forming an integral part of product Malta.

With this aim, ‘The Malta Experience’ synonymous among the island’s foremost heritage attractions has been over the past months working effortlessly in producing a special condensed edition from its permanent award-winning production that has played the role of ambassador to over 4 million visitors since its pioneering launch in 1980. The permanent attraction residing within the Mediterranean Conference Centre formerly the Sacra Infermeria of the Knights of St. John, has undergone its own development through progressive periods both in content and technology. The attraction is currently hosting its 5th edition using a projection bank of high-end digital video projection as opposed to the former slide projection setup which has equally served so well in the past. The newly created concise feature has been produced under the highest standards and premium quality synonymous with our flagship attraction, commented Martin Mercieca Director of this organisation, a subsidiary of the M. Demajo Group. The Shanghai feature is aptly produced in the Mandarin narration and may convert to English commentary as an optional feature. The production uses 3 independent screens fitted within a dedicated enclosure prior to entering the main exhibition area of the Malta Pavilion.
In creating this product according to the brief, I was particularly challenged by time constraints in terms of show duration and equally the need to convey Malta’s unique history in a comprehensive way leaving the desired impact on the visitor as to the islands’ rich heritage assets, commented Jon Wrigley, the company’s resident Producer & Art Director.
In addition to the main production feature, the company has also produced an image based presentation depicting sensational Malta scenes to be projected onto an elevated panoramic screen erected within the main pavilion area as a back-drop feature.

‘The Malta Experience Special Trade Edition’ will certainly add the required edutainment value and enhance the overall visitor appeal on the Malta pavilion, stated Martin Mercieca. The World Expo is considered among the largest and most important exhibitions comprising over 200 countries and NGO’s spread across an area of 5.28 sq.km. It is estimated that some 70 million visitors would have attended the global exhibition over the course of 6 months between May to October ’10. The Chinese authorities have spared no expense in creating what is expected to be a sensational exhibition to reap the mileage associated with such a universal PR initiative. The theme chosen for the project ‘Better City ... Better Life’ considers the regeneration of an entire area situated alongside the river Huangpu which also aims to positively impact the surrounding indigenous population over the long-term.