11 Oct 2010

The M. Demajo Group is one of Malta's leading private owned businesses, spanning 7 sectors and 26 individual subsidiaries. This year the M. Demajo Group celebrates 100 years of continuous operation, and it is this special milestone in its history that has driven the initiative to adopt a corporate responsibility perspective among other activities being organized during 2010. The Group's head office based in Valletta, originally in Frederick Street and for the past few decades has been relocated to a beautifully restored palazzo in Archbishop Street. The organization's history is closely tuned to the capital city and it was befitting to focus the Group's interest in this direction. Following discussions with one of Malta's leading heritage NGO's, Din L-Art Helwa, it was considered appropriate to invest in and to restore the notorious Queen Victoria Statue situated in Pjazza Regina, Valletta.

Valente was the Sicilian sculptor who completed Malta's Queen Victoria statue work in Palermo. Paid for by public subscription and erected in front of the National Library in 1891, the monument was intended to commemorate the Queen's fiftieth jubilee, and shows her with a lace shawl, in reference to the fact that she had ordered "eight dozen pairs long and eight dozen pairs short mitts, besides a scarf" of Malta lace. Apparently she did so in an attempt to revive this ancient craft. Across from Valletta's Café Cordina, Queen Victoria's statue gazes sternly upon shoppers thronging Republic street, the main street of the city. At first glance she looks solemn but her crown is at a bit of a rakish angle and her lips seem almost to be breaking into a Mona Lisa smile. Honouring our past successes we look towards the future with enthusiasm and endeavour both as a reputable economic organization and maintaining a sense of social responsibility in different philanthropic activities.