27 Dec 2007

The M. Demajo Group,�Toly Products Ltd and Playmobil Malta Ltd are to sponsor a new phase of work at St Agatha's Tower, also known as the Red Tower in Mellieha. The tower is held under deed of guardianship by Din l-Art Helwa, which has been looking after the site since 1995 when it was in serious danger of collapse. The companies were instrumental for the completion of the first phase of restoration of the Red Tower. This second phase, which is due to cost some Lm15,000, will refurbish the interior and the roof area emphasising various points of interest. DLH said the tower was in an appalling state when the organisation took it over in 1995 when two of the four turrets had collapsed, and there were gaping holes in the walls caused by structural faults as well as the ravages of time and inappropriate use. The first phase of restoration consisted of repairing all the stonework at a cost of around Lm22,000.� Din l-Art Helwa, together with BirdLife and the PARC department at the Environment Ministry, is involved in another initiative close by. The area underneath the tower stretching from Mellieha to the end of the promontory of Ras il-Qammieh, is being rehabilitated into a Mediterranean woodland. DLH has engaged designer Peter Howarth with the brief to redesign the interior of the tower without detracting from its architecture or its austere military ambience. Three-phase electricity is being installed. Through a system of volunteer wardens, the tower is open daily, including Sundays. Approximately 10,000 people visit the tower annually.