27 Dec 2007

Palazo Falson is the former home of Capt. Olaf Frederick Gollcher OBE, who was born in 1889, the son of a prosperous shipping merchant of Swedish descent. Gollcher was an artist, scholar and philanthropist, but also a discerning collector of objets d'art and historical relics. Palazzo Falson was not only his home, but also a setting for his works of art and antiques. Here he spent many happy years constantly adding to his collections. Gollcher died in 1962 and the house and its contents eventually passed into the hands of The Captain O F Gollcher OBE Art and Archaeological Foundation.

In 2001, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (Maltese Heritage Foundation) entered into a management agreement with the Gollcher Foundation and proceeded to restore the palazzo and all it contents to thier former glory, thus fulfilling Gollcher's wish by bringing to the general public this unique and extraordinary treasure trove.

The M. Demajo Group is one of the patrons of Patrimonju, which as a collective result� helped enable the above restoration.