3 Apr 2009

As part of its ongoing efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility, the M. Demajo Group has recently supported SOS Malta on World Water Day, with a fund raising activity aimed towards rainwater harvesting projects in developing countries. World Water Day is recognized every year by the United Nations on March 22nd to acknowledge the one billion people worldwide without access to clean water. In anticipation of World Water Day, SOS Malta has launched its Water for Life-Malta fund-raising campaign.  ‘Water for Life-Malta’ is aimed at sensitizing the Maltese public about the implications of lack of water supply and sanitation, especially within developing countries. The project seeks to create awareness about realities of water problems which are denied, and in so doing, engage the Maltese public in exploring ways in which it can assist in the fight against poverty in the developing world.  SOS Malta has already implemented rainwater harvesting projects in villages in the south-west of Sri Lanka. This year, SOS Malta plans to start similar projects in Ethiopia, in collaboration with local partners, including the Ethiopian Rainwater Harvesting Association. The campaign is one component of a larger awareness-raising initiative undertaken by SOS Malta called ‘Water for Life-Malta’. This forms part of the programme ‘Promoting Development in Europe: Towards a Critical Mass and Beyond’ of Minority Rights Group International, funded by the European Commission.