12 May 2008

Computer Soluitions Ltd, a member of the M. Demajo Group, is one of the sponsors of the LifeCycle 2008 challenge. This years route will take us over 2200km yet again covering 4 countries, crossing Gibraltar and finally venturing outside Europe – a first for the LifeCycle challenge. Two continents means experiencing two cultures, four different mountain ranges and the extreme heat of the desert. Once again LifeCycle aims to push the boundaries proving the kind of hero every single participant, be it cyclist or back up team member, really is! The Lifecycle challenge was put together to highlight the plights of patients from end-stage renal disease. In doing this event, the Organization intends to raise awareness among the generous Maltese public of the ordeal unfortunate people go through with respect to this affliction. There are thousands of people suffering from renal disease in this country, and they all require treatment. This is usually achieved by mechanical assistance for their liver functions. There are two main types of kidney machines. Each patient must undergo a certain number of hours of dialysis to clean his or her blood. They can also drink a limited amount of fluid each day, so as not to stress their kidneys unduly. By raising funds for patients to have cutting edge care through this grueling event, cyclists and back up team, are helping others live a happier, more fulfilled life.