29 Oct 2015
JOY WILL TAKE YOU FURTHER – Science Finds that Happiness is a Key to Success


Science finds that happiness is a key to success


Malta, 29th October 2015: Scientifically, can happiness help you succeed?

According to Dr Matt Killingsworth, a US-based psychologist and scientist who studies human happiness, “Yes, it can.”

As an expert on the science of happiness, he suggests that people re-think the conventional approach.

Dr Killingsworth has reviewed decades of scientific research and his work has informed a new global campaign by Scotch Whisky brand Johnnie Walker, entitled Joy Will Take You Further.

He said: “People sometimes think of happiness as a far-off, distant prize only to be won by their years of hard work or when they achieve conventional markers of success, like a higher income or a bigger house. But there is a growing body of evidence that enjoying happiness along the way makes success more likely.”

“While we can’t necessarily be happy all the time, the broad range of benefits happiness offers gives us a new reason to pursue happiness at work and in life.”

Guy Escolme, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director, added: “As a brand Johnnie Walker has always stood for progress – it’s been the story of our whisky since our founder John Walker started it all nearly 200 years ago. What two centuries of experience have taught us is that progress doesn’t have to be an endless uphill journey – we can enjoy the steps we take and the more happiness we find in them the more likely we are to achieve our goal. Evidence is confirming a conviction that sits at the heart of our brand: Joy Will Take You Further.”

Dr Killingsworth said: “Studies have shown that happier people are more productive, collaborative and creative, are more resilient to challenges and better liked by those around them.

“Consider the effects of happiness on outcomes like these and happiness starts to sound like a recipe for success.”

Some of the world’s most successful people are among a growing number of those advocating a new approach to life which is fuelled by the belief that joy is a key to progress.

The positive outlook of successful celebrities such as Formula One World Champion and McLaren Honda driver Jenson Button, Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law and Chinese actor Zhao Wei – and of a range of other extraordinary people from all walks of life – has led to them being featured in the campaign for the world’s best-selling Blended Scotch Whisky. 1

The new Joy Will Take You Further commercial from Johnnie Walker can be viewed on Facebook/JohnnieWalkerMalta.




1 International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) 2013.


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