16 Aug 2011

A recent private request made it possible for ‘The Malta Experience’ and the ‘Limestone Heritage’ to collaborate with the result of presenting a most attractive cultural entertainment product.

It is hard to imagine that the area now occupied by the Limestone Heritage attraction was once a dusty quarry were it not for the dramatic high boundary wall that encloses the venue. The site today offers a most tranquil atmosphere, a stretch of individually yet sequenced exhibits presenting the masonry industry from prehistoric times. Tasteful landscaping, poultry on the run, the distinguished cries of the resident peacocks and the sound emanating from the 5 storey waterfall contributes in no small way to this wonderful open-air setting.

The Malta Experience was commissioned to present its abridged version – a 16 minute audio-visual presentation titled ‘History Highlights’. Having the objective to create something spectacular for the private group, three large wooden screens (each measuring 4.3mt in height by 5.7mt width) were erected and hinged onto the facade of the Limestone Heritage building facing the large enclosed viewing area. The result was an impressive visual area stretching over 17meters. The show was projected using three high powered digital video projectors together with quadraphonic sound which was amplified by the superb acoustics offered within this enclosure dug deep in the ground.

A sumptuous dinner was served throughout the evening by one of Malta’s renowned conference caterers ‘Island Caterers’. The event included In Guardia parade and traditional Maltese folk dancing. This was truly a spectacular and innovative evening combining a host of different activities in a unique environment and we all came out with flying colours from a very satisfied customer!


History Highlights at the Limestone Heritage from The Malta Experience on Vimeo.