17 Apr 2008

M. Demajo Group sponsors a fund raising exhibition in Gozo scheduled for the 3rd May aimed to raise funds for three important charities and organisations. The Friend of the Sick and Elderly in Gozo has been active since 1988 assisting sick people in every way. This voluntary non profit organisation helps to improve hospital and homes, facilities for the welfare, convenience and comfort of the sick and the elderly in Gozo. The Oasis Foundation was founded in 1991 as a centre for the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol abusers, a project geared towards prevention and treatment. It runs various educational programmes in the community and has an Addiction Treatment Unit in Gozo, with residential and out-patient services for Maltese and Gozitans alike. "Fliemkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar" is a voluntary non political enviroment group working for the preservation of Malta/Gozo's rural and architectural heritage and quality of life. FAA's main campaigns have been devoted to MEPA's reform in order to increase public access to MEPA information and estabilsh a level playing field between the public and the developers.