22 Dec 2009

Exigy entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation on the 9th of December 2009, to promote e-Governance in developing countries.

Exigy is a leading company based in Malta engaged in the provision of innovative and end-to-end
e-Governance solutions. With Malta being adjudged a European leader in e-Governance, Exigy is well placed to leverage its expertise and experiences gathered as a key partner of the Government of Malta to help developing countries to find optimal solutions for their nascent e-Governance programmes.

As the Commonwealth agency mandated to develop the ICT sector of the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation strives to build bridges between its members who need novel and innovative technologies and technology providers. Speaking on the occasion of the signing of the MoU, CTO CEO, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah said that “throughout its hundred-year history, the CTO has been instrumental in helping its member countries to make informed choice by broadening their horizons as to the available technologies and partners. The relationship we formed today with Exigy will add to the portfolio of choices we present our members to strengthen Governance and empower citizens”.

Representing Exigy, Dr Michael Frendo alluded to the setting in which the MoU was signed. “The 2nd Investing in ICTs in Emerging Markets forum by CTO is the perfect setting to enter into this MoU where delegates from across Africa and Asia are considering and evaluating different options of improving the investment climate to deepen and broaden the application of ICTs for socio-economic development. Here, this timely reminder of the potentialities of e-Governance will find a willing and converted audience. Exigy hopes to leverage this relationship to deliver value-for-money to developing countries in their search for effective e-Governance services”.