6 Apr 2015

Exigy has organised a workshop titled ‘Customer Service First’ on Friday, 27th March at The Xara Lodge, aimed at proposing solutions to businesses who want to deliver an enhanced customer experience. In today’s competitive marketplace, the notion of customer service is a determinant factor of business success or failure. The workshop discussed the challenges that businesses face in their daily operations, identifying hands-on solutions that help customer service executives perform at their best.

Mr. Francois Grech, Executive Director at Exigy, delivered an opening speech on the key areas that ensure the delivery of an improved service to clients, namely customer loyalty, service agents empowerment and agility during times of change. Brushing through the key case management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Mr. Grech explained how cross-channel communication, innovative service agent tools, knowledge management and service results analysis can help companies drive customer satisfaction to new heights.

Mr. Robert Gambin, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Architect at Exigy, visually demonstrated such capabilities through a scenario-based demo of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. The demo featured real-life examples from a customer care executive’s, customer care manager’s and sales executive’s perspective, showing how simple it is for them to deliver an enhanced customer experience through CRM.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 enables the customer service function of any enterprise to function more effectively“, Mr. Grech commented, “The system understands the pains of customer care personnel, relieves daily processes from any bottlenecks and provides a value-adding engine for the enterprise.”


Analise Buttigieg

Marketing Executive