24 Feb 2011

Exigy was invited to actively participate at Padova’s National Convention organised by Associazione Esperia, a highly accredited research institution in Europe.  Closely followed by the Italian press, the convention was titled Il Diritto Visto Al Rovescio – the future of the right to study seen from the students’ perspective.  It was held on the 20th of January at San Gaetano Cultural Centre in Padova.  Exigy’s participation at this convention was aimed at supporting non-for-profit organisations in Italy that work towards helping students live a positive experience throughout their learning years.

Education for European University students represents more than just a right – it is the conceptual and physical place where academics experience the life of a citizen/student, developing relentless and long-term intellectual capabilities.  It is also the restorative, multicultural and multiracial place in which students are trained in democratic living and ethical conduct.  This was the prominent theme of the convention that presented an opportunity to discuss the innovation and advancements with respect to the right to higher education. 

The convention is yet another initiative to support the build-up of a knowledge-based economy.  Questioning directors and presidents from various student associations and research institutions, Italian University students have presented and debated various scenarios and issues encountered during their University lives to be able to find the best possible options for the benefit of future students.

Represented by Francois Grech, Exigy contributed its experience and expertise within the public sector at this convention.  Mr. Grech explained how information technology can act as a point of strength to rebuild the economy and sustain employment, whilst helping the country develop an advanced information society.  Mr. Grech told Malta’s success story in eGovernment and how, despite its geographical and financial limitations, Malta is Europe’s most successful country within the eGovernment sphere for the third consecutive year.  Stressing on the fact that citizens need to be kept at the core of what public entities do, Mr. Grech explained that such a positive experience for Malta can be reproduced in Italian municipalities.