27 Dec 2010

Exigy launched its Mobile Warehousing Solution at a Business Breakfast, A Step Ahead in Warehouse Technology, which was held at the Hilton on the 9th of November.  With evolving needs and growing complexities in warehousing operations, mobile technology at the warehouse floor meets the increasing demand for greater productivity.

The launch of Exigy’s Mobile Warehousing Solution brought together CTOs, CFOs and Warehouse, Distribution and Operations Managers that wanted to grasp a better insight in the latest developments of warehousing solutions.  Special guest speakers were market leader for mobile warehousing technology Tasklet Factory (Denmark), and supply chain management specialists SSM Group (UK, Malta, UAE).

The mobile solution is a plug-in to Exigy’s Warehouse Management Solution, fully managing all aspects of the warehouse and distribution cost centres, inventory planning and operations.

“Warehouses are cost centres to their organisations.  They need to search for new methods on how to reduce costs and contribute towards the profitability of the entire business.  That’s why such technology is being adopted –  to improve supply chain operations”, says Alexander Borg,  Director at SSM Group.

The main attraction of the event was the real-life demo and hands-on experience of the mobile solution which clearly outlined the benefits for the business in terms of instant data capturing and up-to-date reporting on inventory levels.

 “Wireless inventory management is the way forward for inventory-intensive companies who would like to maintain competitive parity” says Francois Grech, Executive Director at Exigy. “Such technology has proven to substantially cut down on inventory and supply chain costs as well as reduce cycle time, hence drastically increase overall productivity.”

Specifically designed for companies that hold high stock levels, such a solution represents a perfect fit for businesses who are seeking to:

1.       Optimise warehouse space with efficient handling of supplier and client ordering processes

2.       Simplify and speed up data capturing systems

3.       Enable punctual order deliveries with maximum accuracy

4.       Maximise warehouse employees’ time to accurately complete tasks at hand and ensure precise knowledge of items’     location

5.       Increase visibility of real-time inventory data company-wide

6.       Improve planning and decision-making capabilities

“Powered by handheld devices, employees at the warehouse floor will be able to record any items coming in and out of the warehouse.  At the same time, employees at the back-end receive updates in real-time to deliver a punctual and more effective service to clients”, added Peter List, CEO at Tasklet Factory.

With potential ROI delivered in months, we invite organisations in inventory-intensive industries that want to enhance their competitive standing to start evaluating mobile warehousing solutions.  If you are interested to learn more, please contact our business development team on (+356) 2011 2023.