29 Jan 2015

Exigy Kick-Starts the Year with a Company-Wide Activity

Exigy welcomed the New Year 2015 with a company-wide activity for all employees, away from the office and in a more casual setting. Such activity, which was held at Palazzo de Piro on Wednesday, January 21st, aimed at further promoting the team dynamics within each department, whilst ensuring that management and employees are all on board with the initiatives that the company shall be pursuing throughout the forthcoming year. 

Francois Grech, Executive Director at Exigy, showcased the company’s key achievements over the years. “Exigy has evolved from a small team of technology enthusiasts, to a reputable company that delivers strategic software solutions to clients, enabling them to overcome their business challenges”, explained Francois Grech, “We aim to continue growing, pursuing new markets and opportunities for the benefit of the company and every one of its employees alike.” 

Based on the company’s vision and values, the management team presented the company’s key objectives for year 2015. All company employees participated in a workshop session to further discuss the presented objectives, identify key challenges and draft an action plan to be executed during 2015.

“Everyone can contribute towards the success of the company,” concluded Francois Grech, “We want each and every one of our employees to voice their opinion, to help the company progress.”
As part of the kick-off event, Exigy organised a team-building activity for all employees, who were split into 5 teams. The activity, a sun-set treasure hunt around the beautiful city of Mdina, required all teams to work towards one, common mission – to follow as many clues as possible in one and a half hours, leading them to answer as many correct questions as they can about Mdina’s culture and history. Some of the tasks needed the teams to take pictures or videos – the more creative they were, the more points they gained! Later in the evening, whilst everyone was enjoying a glass of wine and a picturesque view of Mdina by night, the winner of the treasure hunt was announced.


Analise Buttigieg

Marketing Executive