28 Sep 2009

Exigy has teamed up with Learning Possibilities (LP+), international specialists in the field of online learning, to support educational institutions in their ongoing quest of providing better opportunities to the local learning community.  Backed by their experience, expertise and intellectual property in deploying large scale eLearning platforms, LP+ is committed to deliver a dynamic learning environment to the benefit of all parties involved in the learning cycle.

An eLearning educational workshop was organised on the 26th of November 2008 at the Hilton, Malta to mark this remarkable occasion.  Representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Education, Malta Information Technology and Training Services, the Archdiocese of Malta and various Church and Private Schools were amongst the attendees who participated in this interactive workshop.
Mr. Francois Grech, Exigy Executive Director, briefed the audience with an introductory note about Exigy and LP+ and how this collaboration will reap the desired benefits.  Mr. Mehool Sanghrajka, LP+ CEO, gave more insight into LP+ highly secure and scalable learning platform and LP+ network that enables over 30,000 users to share, collaborate and learn.  The factors that are driving 21st century education and how technology is facilitating the building of learning communities were also amongst the topics on the agenda. 

Ms. Sarah Armstrong, LP+ eLearning Director, demonstrated how a successful, dynamic learning climate is possible through a project-based learning approach that enables personalised and independent learning, fosters learner creativity, facilitates problem-solving and allows collaboration – all contributing towards an enjoyable learning experience at the receiving end.  Students are given the chance to utilise learning tools at home, with access to learning resources, important links, useful news items, information sharing forums and direct communication with teachers and other students.  A different site with different functions is available for learners in different levels of education, making the site particularly designed to meet the learners’ skills and capabilities.

The role of the teacher and the parents as educators is also actively recognised within this eLearning platform.  Parents are given access to an information site, from which they are capable to check about any upcoming events and latest announcements that require their attention as well as review reporting of their child’s’ attendance frequency, status of each present and upcoming assignment, grades of each past assignment and other achievements.  Likewise, teachers have their own site from where they can manage assignments, assign grades, add comments on the work provided by the students, and alter due dates and assignment descriptions.

An example of a local school was also demonstrated, showing how eLearning can improve the skills of the local learning community when compared with traditional learning, whilst keeping in mind the opportunities and threats of the schools of tomorrow.

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