15 Dec 2015

Last month Newtech closed two large deals in the end user market sector.

200 square metres of Technical Raised Flooring provided by Uniflair was installed in the data centre premises of a high profile security firm.

A flooring solution for technical rooms such as data centres, with a special structure that meets all the needs for high floors and heavy loads, ventilation or cooling requirements, and flexibility of the underneath space.

Details of Tech Raised Floor (Uniflair)

Newtech also handled the installation of the Hot Aisle Containment provided by APC for the same firm.

The EcoAisle is an intelligent thermal containment solution designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. The Active Flow Control (AFC) available in the EcoAisle provides the intelligence to communicate to the cooling system in order to right size the cooling airflow to match the load of the IT equipment, providing a reduction in fan energy over conventional cooling systems.

The Eco Aisle system adapts to varying rack heights, aisle widths, and rack depths to support either hot or cold aisle containment. The Air Return System of the EcoAisle provides a centralized hot air return path for room based CRAC/CRAH units or external air handling systems. The optional UL723s listed Fire Safe System uses temperature sensors to drop ceiling panels in the event of a fire. The Fire Safe System can also be used in conjunction with a field supplied smoke detector to activate in the event smoke is detected with the aisle.

EcoAisle provides a safe and efficient environment for IT equipment and personnel incorporating additional features for high efficiency LED lighting with motion detection. EcoAisle can be deployed in zones or modules to gain the benefit at either the rack or row level.

On conclusion of the deal the flooring was ordered, installed and finalised within 4 weeks.

Hot Aisle of Containment (APC)

Also entrusted to Newtech was a second large end user deal closed with a major international audit firm. 400 android tablets were supplied to the firm to be used during internal conferences and training sessions.

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Lara Miceli Demajo

Marketing Manager

Newtech Ltd