10 Mar 2010

Diageo has executed their first Autumn Whisky Festival Category platform across eight markets of Eastern Europe. All teams delivered great visibility executions in store, innovative persuasion using consultants and Flavor Map tool. It is with great pleasure that we announce our very own M. Demajo Wines & Spirits Ltd as the team, that executed the best activity in H1.  The approach and scale the M. Demajo Wines & Spirits team delivered with key 6 customers was a real breakthrough. The team focused on multipoint visibility at POP, ensuring the message is passed to shoppers throughout the decision corridor. Within the alcohol section of the stores, they built impactfull stands combined with persuasion tools and focused also on increasing on shelf-presence by doubling it during the promotional slot. The M. Demajo Wines & Spirits team will be awarded this prestigious award during the up coming Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.