5 Jun 2008

Computer Solutions, in collaboration with IBM held a seminar targeted towards its corporate clientele.  The seminar was held at The Palace in Sliema and was focused on IBM System x and BladeCenter technology. 

The seminar was opened by Mr Michel Demajo, Managing Director, Computer Solutions who introduced the first speaker, Mr Tikiri Wanduragala - Senior Server Consultant, IBM eServer xSeries EMEA for IBM.  Mr. Wanduragala’s presentation - “IBM BladeCenter & System X Overview - IT Optimisation, IT Simplification” – addressed the main priorities for IT managers in the next few years, which are: virtualization, management and control, as well as heat and power. His presentation highlighted which IBM technologies are available to address these issues and how customers are implementing these solutions today. Furthermore, Mr. Wanduragala emphasised that server consolidation is the driver behind most virtualisation projects as organisations try to get more out of their hardware investment – cost savings is the justification for the consolidation exercise and virtualisation is the enabling technology: IBM’s BladeCenter range extends blade benefits to the entire business with various chassis and blade servers tailored to specific needs.

Following Mr Wanduragala’s presentations, Mr Pedro Carreira – Market Development Manager for Intel – took over and gave a presentation named “Intel:  Extreme to Mainstream”.  Mr Carreira pointed out that today's high-end, high-performance and high-cost technology, is for tomorrow’s everyday use. The latest processors by Intel bring unmatched performance to the mobile and business users. Improved connectivity over the years has made working on the move a reality without compromise: Intel helped made wireless connectivity an everyday feature when it launched the Centrino platform and is now driving WiMAX as the next generation of wireless connectivity. Intel has been pushing its platform focus for some time now, with the vPro platform bringing new levels of remote management and security to business users. Mr. Carreira ended his speech by explaining that power consumption in the computing industry is being given a high priority nowadays and that Intel has always focused on this area – environmentally friendly and cost efficient technology will filter down into the hardware that we use every day, from extreme to mainstream.

The seminar ended with a closing speech given by Mr Oriol Vilas Maso.  Mr Vilas Maso is an Account Manager with IBM in Spain.  In his speech he emphasised the importance of fostering a close relationship with IBM customers through its business partner. 

Computer Solutions’ relationship with IBM spans over 22 years.  The company has been supplying and supporting IBM Systems from the first moment they were placed on the market several years ago.  Computer Solutions is a member of the M. Demajo Group.  For further information please visit:  www.computersolutions.com.mt