1 Jun 2015

On 26th May 2015, Charles Zammit retired from Multi Packaging after 46 years of employment with the company. As a valued employee, we thank Charles for his many years of service to the Group, and wish him well in his future. Multi Packaging’s general manager, Brian Muscat, wanted to contribute the following praise to Charles:

We talk a lot about our volatile and uncertain world which is often depicted by a constant flow of workers and organisational change, structure after restructure, and true I’ve experienced some of this. Along the way some people stay, others move upstream, downstream or along the bank. Nowadays it can feel like long service is something to be frowned at, not celebrated. I’m not arguing that we should simply celebrate the number of years passed, but instead that we recognise the vast investment of time, emotion, skills and labour that length of service represents both from the employee and their organisation. The knowledge that comes with that, not facts and figures but an understanding of the organisational currents, ebbs and flows.  If we take media reports at face value, we’re all now working portfolio careers, or happily being self-employed moving from one coffee house WiFi spot to another. Somehow it’s become uncool to be a long serving employee. 

I feel that people like Charles Zammit, employed with Multi Packaging at the age of 16 years in 1969, exactly the 21st September as an operator on the hand stitcher should be given such praise. He started off as an operator in San Gwann. In 1971, 2 years later, Multi Packaging moved to B17 in Bulebel. This time Charlie improved his skills and managed to be part of the corrugator team working on 3 shift. This era took 8 years. This time he formed part of the Gluing team, running a manual machine called General. This change struck the eyes of management where Charlie was seen as a team player; in fact he was promoted to a supervisor mainly being responsible for the gluing machines. In the years 2001/2002, when Multi Packaging bought over Boxit (our competitor), Charlie, being a person of trust, was asked to work from Boxit premises on a particular machine until Multi Packaging moved to where it is today at B36.

I have known Charlie for the last 8 years and I can say that he was a quality conscious person, when complicated jobs were given on his machine my mind was at rest. His last day at Multi Packaging was Tuesday the 26th of May 2015.

I felt that it was time for a little praise for this long service employee and of course a company like Multi Packaging that provide opportunities for those people to grow and develop.”


Sophie Demajo

Digital Marketing Associate

On Behalf of the HR Department