30 Mar 2016

After almost 23 years of service with M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd, Carmel Bezzina has retired. Charles, as we know him, had started working for the Company at a very young age by helping out in the Sales department and, later on, in the Stores and Deliveries Section. 

Charles was a very trustworthy employee and always gave his utmost for the Company and his fellow colleagues.

We will definitely miss Charles, but we augur him good health and a happy retirement. 

M. Demajo (Graphic Arts) Ltd’s General Manager, Michael Balzan Demajo, had the following message for Charles:

“The day has come for me to express my wholehearted thanks for all the great work you have done for Graphic Arts in the last 22 years. You have consistently shown yourself to be a loyal and hardworking employee, an integral part of the team, and a good friend to all. Of course many memories spring to mind, most of them good, and a few tough ones too, but, most of all, the importance of the part they played in building up the company to reach the position it is in now. It was, and is still, a long, curvy, bumpy, but, at times, also smooth road that taught us a lot, and has given us not only great memories but a wealth of incredible experience. Charles, you have been a great personality around the office and your sense of humor will be missed, but I know you will still be around to celebrate special moments with us, your family away from home. The nice part about retiring from doing what you do so well is that there is no more rushing around to meet deadlines and complete tasks. You'll now have lots of time to make all your dreams come true and travel the world, something I already know that you have started to plan. We wish you nothing but the best and, once again, I thank you for your years of dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit. Fair winds and following seas, Charles.”

Marvic Mifsud Taylor

Head of HR

Human Resources Department