19 Jan 2015

Bajada New Energy and Solar System, part of Bajada Group, have contracted Exigy to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, to provide the company and its affiliates with a controlled and centralised solution to cater for the financial and operational aspects of their business. Bajada New Energy are the market leaders for renewal energy products as well as Solar System is market leader for production of Solar Water Heater, with 24 years’ experience in serving both the domestic and commercial sectors in Malta.

As their business continues to grow, Bajada Group felt the need to invest in a solution that will facilitate operations within their companies. Exigy proposed the solution that best matched their requirements, addressing the need for the solution to scale and accommodate the company’s future growth potential. Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, the proposed solution is cloud-based, hence providing a two-fold advantage to the client. The system will not only address the financial, reporting and service management needs of the business, but will also save the company expensive investment in technology infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution entrusted by more than 100,000 companies world-wide, providing a comprehensive way of effectively managing accounting and finances, supply chain and operations. A certified Gold Microsoft Partner for Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Exigy holds the highest level of competence with Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology, having successfully delivered a number of NAV-based projects for over a decade.

Exigy’s cloud solution will benefit Bajada New Energy and Solar System in several ways – from streamlined transactions between their Services and Assembly functions, to a more effective management of their business procedures across all functional areas, and more.

“Over the past few years, Bajada Group has seen growth of its photovoltaic business. The company has also increased its manufacturing business in the solar water heaters sector. To maintain growth within the company, a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will be in place by the first quarter of 2015” CEO of Bajada Group, Flavio Cecchi, said. “It’s time to bring our technology up to date with the tools needed to manage a multi-faceted business today and for years to come. We are happy that we have entrusted Exigy with their experience to lead us there.” 

“Bajada Group has a vision for growth”, says Francois Grech, Executive Director at Exigy, “They have chosen our cloud ERP solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to transform their business and enable further growth.”


Analise Buttigieg

Marketing Executive