21 Mar 2016

Anthony Sammut (known as Twanny to his colleagues) has reached retirement age after 47 years of service with Multi Packaging Ltd. Twanny was just fifteen years old when he joined the company, and he started off his employment working on a ‘stitching machine‘. At the time, the company used to operate from San Gwann, after which it moved to Bulebel. Twanny also moved on as he started helping out with the deliveries as a truck driver, as well as operating one of the Company’s largest machines – the ‘Corrugator’. In 1990 Twanny was promoted to Skilled Operator and, until 2014, he led a group of people working on a ‘Die Cut’ machine. His experience was considered valuable to the Company and, until he reached retirement age, was given different tasks to help in improving the Company. 

Management always considered Twanny to be professional, valuable, and pleasant to work with. He always gave his 100 per cent to the company, and will definitely be missed.

We wish Twanny all the best of health and great things in his future.


Marvic Mifsud Taylor

Head of HR

Human Resources Department