13 Nov 2015
Accord Insurance Brokers – Tips for the Winter Season

The stormy season has now started and with it come a number of weather-related issues that could in some cases be avoided by taking simple preventive measures.

At home, make sure your window frames are properly sealed. The summer heat tends to affect silicone sealant and the joint might lose its waterproofing. A window can be re-sealed in less than an hour. Just clean out the old silicone, and put in some new sealant. Tip: If you use masking tape around the edge, there is no mess to clean up afterwards.

Make sure your water run-off drains are kept clean. If you have a thin pipe running out of your balcony, get a thin piece of stiff wire and just run it through the pipe to makes sure it is not blocked.

For roof drains, get a wire mesh to go over it to prevent leaves from going into the drains and creating a blockage.

Check your waterproofing membrane. If you need to touch it up, don’t leave it for much longer.

Home insurance is a very cost-effective way of protecting your investment. 

If your car registration number starts with the letters ‘K’ or ‘W’, your insurance and registration expire at the end of this month. Take a look at the license disc on your windscreen to check whether a VRT is needed. Don’t leave it to the last week for this test. If your car has a small issue, it needs to be seen to before the test can be taken again and the license can be renewed.

There has already been one incident of hail causing damage to a large number of cars. Comprehensive insurance would cover this.

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Chris Poulton

General Manager

Accord Insurance Brokers