IoT Solutions Ltd. is specialized in building low-power autonomous Internet of Things hardware devices, embedded firmware, and cloud platforms.


Our engineers design the mechanical housing in CAD software, design the electronic boards from the ground up and code all the embedded firmware of the electronics. We are specialized in developing the electronics and embedded software that enables ultra-low power devices which can work autonomously for over 10 years using battery power.

We also have vast experience in antenna design of sub-1Ghz frequency bands and LPWAN communication networks (SIGFOX, LoRa and NB-IoT). We are very knowledgeable in the different communication protocols used by LPWAN technology and have developed various cloud platforms and mobile applications that integrate with our hardware products.


The company direction is to continue growing its current experience and resources, developing new and innovative products to solve existing problems faced by public and private entities and selling its hardware and software products internationally.