ref. JCS – ISCM 04/18

Basis: Full-Time

Closing Date: 17th August 2018

A vacancy has arisen for the position of an Industrial Sales and Contracts Manager within Joseph Cachia & Son Limited, a subsidiary company within the M. Demajo Group.  The company has developed strong business relationships with leading suppliers some of whom it has teamed up with, to successfully bid for large-scale tenders involving complex infrastructural projects in the field of energy, the environment and security. JCS also supplies and distributes industrial equipment, queuing systems, road lighting, guardrails, money-handling machines, noise and air monitoring equipment to commercial and industrial entities.  Furthermore, JCS has a fully-trained technical team providing a 24-hour round the clock maintenance and support service.


The selected candidate will be reporting to the Executive Director and will be performing the following duties amongst others:


Candidates holding certifications in Project Management including experience in this field and also being fluent in Italian will be given preference.

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